Identifying Your Company’s Success


Corporate Identity


Identify Yourself

Identify Yourself

Your corporate identity and overall brand tells a story. This story tells your clients and customers who you are as a company and what you stand for. What services do your provide? What are your values? Intentional or not, you brand is communicating something to the world.
When crafting the graphical representation of your corporate identity and brand, we strive to encapsulate your industry, products and values.

Pixel Perfect

Pixel Perfect

In our digital life the visuals that you use to represent your company speak volumes. Our goal is to create innovative designs that will make you stand out from your competitors. People will stand up and notice you because your strong, professional image communicates far more about your company, product or service than words can. We can deliver all your business web needs, from web design to brand integration with all social networks.

Our Corporate Identity work



We designed the branding logo for Drivees, which is a  is Vehicles Network for Enthusiasts



Brand logo for a fun board game



We have developed new BTI’s corporate identity and brand strategy. BTI markets and manufactures Special Metals and Engineered Profiles.



OKME is a messaging app enabling the user to text questions with prebuilt answers. We collaborated on the Interface and experience alongside the brand design.



We created the branding for Snap, for the launch of their printer paper online store.



Branding for Voxle, a feature packed social networking application



In collaboration with the inventor we developed and patented a unique two-handed pencil which accelerates learning by using both sides of the brain simultaneously when writing or drawing.


Yadid La’hinuch

Yedid La’hinuch NGO is the leading body operating retiree volunteers in the education system throughout Israel. We created the logo brand for them which is widely used throughout all their marketing communications.



RCS distributes mobile phones and electronic equipment, a redesign of the company’s logo gave the company a fresh modern look yet keeping it familiar.


Collective Insurance Agency

The fast growing HaCollective Ha’arrtzi insurance agency has moved to offer a wider range of products. We have redesigned the company’s logo to reflect the change and convey a modern fresh look.


Cardio Inspect

Logo design for Cardio Inspect, a startup developing technology for diagnosis and monitoring of Congestive Heart Failure patients