“Design is the fundamental soul of a man-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service.”

Steve Jobs.

When designing a product whether a new idea or a redesign, originality is the most important element for me.
The original aspect of the product can manifest itself either in functionality or aesthetics or preferably both.
I believe that simplicity and minimalism both in aesthetics and function, is beauty in itself.
Ideas arise in many forms, sometimes a certain material or a manufacturing process can inspire a product, sometime by trying to break conventions in either aesthetics or function, many times by trying to solve or improve on a problem.

Dan JacobsFounder
Dan founded Loophole design over 10 years ago. His background is a unique blend of the physical world of product design, brand identity, print design and the virtual experience design across a wide array of digital channels. Having worked both agency side and client side, he brings a well-rounded design perspective that is firmly grounded in top-line business strategy, inspired by simplicity, and obsessed with detail. He has created products, websites, user interfaces, e-commerce platforms and mobile apps.

On the agency side, Dan worked at DSE on numerous product design projects for the Israeli Hi-Tech, Medical and consumer industries. 

Most recently, Dan was cofounder and Creative Director for Interminds’ BidsArena auctions website where he managed all website design, UI/UX and online marketing channels. Prior to that Dan held Creative Director position in WizApp and Emblaze.

The early part of Dan’s career included positions at Sigel+Gale, Landor Associates and Mckinsey  where he was hooked on the importance of company values and the role they play in creating inspired brand experiences.

Dan graduated in Product Design in Central St. Martines  in London. His work has been displayed in ‘Design in Israel’ exhibitions and was featured in the book ‘Israeli Design’.