Industrial Design

Our Approach

Our Approach

Big design challenges require big picture thinking that includes a heightened sense of empathy and an intuitive understanding of human perception and cognition as well as an intimate understanding of business objectives and manufacturing processes to create intuitive and holistic solutions where everyone wins.

Mutually Beneficial

Mutually Beneficial

A strong design should mutually benefit both the manufacturer and the end user. It should be attractive, easy to use and easy to manufacture.
We work with engineers to find creative solutions to your design challenges, all while considering the human factor of the end user.

Concept to Creation

Concept to Creation

Wether you have an existing concept or a drawing on the back of a napkin, we can help you materialize your vision. We can assist in any stage  your product is in, from helping you shape your idea to producing detailed production drawings.

services we can help you with

  • Product development

  • Product engineering

  • New product innovation

  • Product styling

  • Human factors/ ergonomics

  • Manufacturing sourcing

  • Modelmaking & prototyping

Our Product Design work


YnRack – Modular Wine Rack

The elegant design of the YnRack® is made of identical units cut from a single profile of recycled Aluminum Extrusion, designed to be connected to itself both vertically and horizontally. The units can be assembled in different combinations, offering you a visually striking wine bottle display coupled with storage versatility


Radio therapy

Radio Therapy device, breast treatment… innovative …


Duet Magna

Duet Magna introduces the combination of electromagnetic technology and the double shockwave concept, allowing for some clear and unique advantages in the field of shockwave lithotripsy.



In collaboration with the inventor we developed and patented a unique two-handed pencil which accelerates learning by using both sides of the brain simultaneously when writing or drawing.


Irradiation Therapy

Irradiation therapy devices are usually very large and take a lot of space in the hospital. This device takes an innovative direction in turning the patient instead of the device, thus allowing for a much more compact design and smaller foot print.


X-ray monitoring device

Initia radio therapy division develops innovative solutions for the various radiotherapy application methods, We helped develop this X-ray monitoring device which works along side these treatments devices.


Hospital Bed Sensor

Under-the-mattress sensor for contactless monitoring of patient’s vital signs, works alongside a bedside controlling unit.


Panic Watch

This wrist worn distress call device, has a single button for utmost ease of operation to summon help.


PulmoTrace Home Monitor

The PulmoTrace Home System enables the diagnosis and monitoring of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) patients.